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    – Must be able to clearly speak, read and write in English in order to be able to communicate adequately with our staff and our players.
    – Must have been an active member who has played on my servers.
    – Must have 1000+ hours listed on Steam Profile playing the game.
    – Must have never been banned for legitimate reasons from MY game servers

    – Must be mature and at least 18 years or older at the time of the Admin application. NO EXCEPTIONS SO DON’T ASK!
    – Must read, agree to and ALWAYS follow theĀ  RULESĀ  found on the menu of our home page.
    – Must be willing to help people when they notify you of cheaters or rule violators in a server
    – Must be a respected play on our servers. if people don’t like you, we will find out why and it may disqualify you.
    – Must be a cool person who is NEVER a jerk to other players in our servers or on our website. This obviously means you don’t constantly curse at people or use foul language, act racist or generally mistreat others. We will check your chat history because these are the very people we are trying to filter out!
    – I can’t say this enough. you MUST understand that as an Admin, you will represent our Community and the need to promote it so we can continue to grow and the players can have fun. We track all player chat and Admin actions in detailed server logs, so if you are abusive or a dickhead to people either now or in the past, don’t bother applying. We need Admins to help keep things peaceful, not add to the problems.

    -If you’re an ADMIN you cannot participate in any pvping whatsoever andneither can your entire tribe.


    1) Age?

    2) How many hours do you have playing Ark?

    3) How long have you been on EliteArk.com servers?

    4) How well do you know Admin codes and maintaining a Ark Survival server? Explain your experience.

    5) How many hours a day do you play? Which days a week?

    6) Have you had a Ark server before? If yes, please tell me about it and why you stopped it.

    7) Explain in a brief paragraph why you would be a great admin and what you can provide to better the server.

    8) Do you understand and accept you cannot partake in pvp and neither can your tribe?

    Failure to answer in full the above questions is automatic denial.

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